In 2015, Malmö based production company WG Film released the film Bikes vs Cars, from director Fredrik Gertten. Along with the film, they released the Bikes vs Cars app, which stores the user’s cycling trips and converts the distance into CO2 emissions saved. It provides both an individual and a collective experience. While the user can track and record their own bike trips, their data is also shared so that a total number of kilometers traveled and CO2/oil saved per city, region and country is displayed, as well as a global total. You can find the collected data here, through the Bike Data Project.

The Talent Without Borders team is currently working on further developing the Android version of the Bikes vs Cars app, which can already be downloaded for Android or iOS. Android users, stay tuned for updates within the next few weeks, followed by iOS updates in the fall.

For more information on the app, please contact Glynnis Ritter at