Marco Cavazzana

Akram Isber

Marco Cavazzana
Akram Isber

Name: Akram George Isber

Age: 37

I come from Syria and I have a master degree in Computer science.

I'm a team player, committed to deliver high quality products, enthusiastic about continuous learning and self-development.

Love sharing my own knowledge with my colleagues.

Capable of handling work pressure and taking responsibility.

I pay attention to small details, because in my opinion small details make big difference.

Short expertise summary:

  • 4 years of teaching computer science subjects at universities and institutes.
  • 4 years teaching computer subjects and mathematics at high schools
  • 12 years’ experience as a web developer in several international companies, and as a freelancer

Currently doing an hackademy, as a member of a development team in the ’Talents without borders’ organization.

My hobbies: Swimming, running, bicycling and chess.

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