Marco Cavazzana

Amer Harb

Marco Cavazzana
Amer Harb

Name: Amer Harb

Age: 29

Education: Bachelor in Software Development (2017), Diploma in Finance (2000), Diploma in Network Design CCNA (2014).

Single with no kids but 1 Cat, I love Traveling, Aviation, and in general outdoor activities. I was born in DamascusI in 1979 and my first “Hello World” were also born there in 1992. I have a Palestinian father, a Syrian mother, I was raised in Baghdad Iraq, my travel documents are Egyptian, and yet officially I am stateless :­/

In 2005 I moved to Dubai and worked there for 6 years before I moved to Sweden in 2011.

<-------> 1990 <--------> 2005 <-------> 2011 <----------------

 IRAQ              SYRIA              UAE               SWEDEN

Why Sweden? ecause I think it’s a great country with a lot of opportunities.

Struggle? Well “Struggle” is a big word but if I want summarize all my life obstacles in one word in would be “Stateless”.

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